When your pet isn’t feeling well or is injured, urgent care at a vet near you can provide the help they need. These services are ideal if pets don’t require emergency care but are too sick or injured to wait for a scheduled appointment. At South Park Animal Hospital, our veterinarian offers urgent care for pets in San Francisco, CA. Give us a call at (415) 523-4404 to learn more about these services and see how soon you should bring your pet to us for care.

When Do Pets Need Urgent Care?

It can be hard to know if your pet needs urgent care or if you can wait for an appointment. You should bring your pet to an animal hospital near you for urgent care if they have an injury that is causing considerable pain or trouble standing. Pets also need urgent care for breathing problems, severe wounds, seizures, or ongoing diarrhea or vomiting. If your pet has swallowed something potentially harmful, such as a foreign object or poison, seek immediate care.

Pet Urgent Care vs. Pet Emergency Care

Our pet clinic can provide immediate vet assistance for a pet emergency. If your pet’s condition is life-threatening, emergency care is needed. For serious but non-life-threatening conditions, we offer urgent care services. These services are useful when your pet is sick or injured but does not need care right away. Our vet can examine your pet and provide treatment as soon as possible.

Urgent Care at Our Pet Clinic

When you need urgent pet care, call or visit South Park Animal Hospital. We try to schedule same-day urgent vet appointments, depending on our availability. If no open appointments are available, we can fit your pet in for care between scheduled appointments. Our emergency animal clinic provides prompt care as much as possible for conditions that aren’t life-threatening. We can also provide immediate care for life-threatening illnesses and injuries.

Should I Bring My Pet in for Urgent Care?

If you’re not sure whether your pet needs urgent care, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Let our veterinarian know about your pet’s symptoms, including how long they’ve been going on and how severe they are. We can determine if your pet should be seen right away or if you should wait for an appointment.

Find a Vet Near You in San Francisco, CA

When you’re looking for an animal hospital near you for urgent vet appointments, we can help. Please contact South Park Animal Hospital in San Francisco at (415) 523-4404 for a pet injury or other urgent health issues. Our emergency animal clinic provides immediate vet assistance to help your pet recover.